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Korcula – Peljesac archipelago has over 20 islets. Those islets are very special and beautiful, and every one of them has its story. We have noticed that more and more tourists want to visit islands, islets and hidden bays of Southern and Middle Dalmatia.

We offer day long, or half day long tours to Korcula, Mljet, Lastovo, Hvar, and many other islands and islets. It is impossible to see so many beautiful islands and islets in just one day if you are using any other type of transportation available, but thanks to our speedboat tours, you can visit many places in that one day.

Orebic does not have to be the only location you will visit during your Orebicholidays, contact us, and we will make your wishes true.

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Here are some of the tours we would suggest:

- Two hour tour of Korcula – Peljesac archipelago Islands:  You all have heard of the island of Korcula and the beautiful archipelago surrounding Korcula and Orebic. Our offer for two – hour tour of Korcula – Peljesac archipelago islands and islets – departure is in the morning hours, detour of islands, beaches, lighthouse and the Franciscan convent on the islet of Badija. The rest of the day depends on your wishes (diving, swimming, lunch), return depends on the arrangement.


- Whole – day tour around Korcula island:  We offer another tour which will unveil all the beauties and hidden bays of the island of Korcula.  Whole – day tour around Korcula Island will be the one you will always remember. Departure is in the morning hours along the south side of the island; sojourn in one of Korcula's bays for swimming, diving, lunch, etc; visit to Vela Luka; return to the north side of the island.


- Whole – day tour of the island of Mljet:  The island of Mljet was known even to the ancient Greeks. Greek name for Mljet was Melita (which means “made of honey”. And the island of Mljet is sweet indeed. Mljet is like paradise on Earth, and it is no wonder it has been proclaimed Croatian National Park. This is the reason we have decided to let you get to know the island of Mljet and all its beauties. Departure in the morning hours; detour of the Mljet National Park, swimming, diving, lunch depends on your wishes; return depends on the arrangement.


- Whole – day tour of Lastovo island:  The island of Lastovo is one of the most beautiful islands in Southern Dalmatia. Lastovo is the island farthest from the coast in Dubrovnik - Neretva County, and for that reason it has stayed intact and very authentic. If you want to meet the real Mediterranean as it once was, you ought to visit the island of Lastovo. – Departure in the morning hours; detour of Lastovnjak islet, swimming, diving; lunch and return depend on the arrangement.


- The night visit to Korcula:  If you want to experience the nightlife of Korcula Island, we can make it possible. Many tourists in Orebic want to see Korcula by night, but they do not know how to get organizes transportation. Here is our suggestion for the night visit to Korcula Island. Departure depends on the arrangement, going to see Moreška, depends on your wishes; dinner at one of Korcula's many restaurants, drinks and dancing in some of the bars ...; return depends on the arrangement.


 We also offer the tours you wish to plan.


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