• Watersport Center Orebic


If you ever come to Orebic, Trstenica Beach is hard to miss. In the last four years people have noticed that Trstenica Beach is much more crowded than usually. The reason for that is Watersport Center “Morski Covik” - Orebic.


Orebic is known for its beautiful beaches. Trstenica Beach is the most beautiful beach in Orebic, and there is no better place to learn how to water ski in Orebic area. Our instructor will make you a master of water ski. Your friends back home will find it hard to believe that your water ski photos from Orebic are not fake. 


Water ski is great for all the adrenaline lovers. If you want to experience adrenaline rush in Orebic, you should try to water ski at our watersport center. Another great adrenaline booster is wakeboard. Those of you who have tried snowboarding know that wakeboarding is quite similar. Wakeboard requires s special technique, so our water ski instructor will do his best to teach you how to master wakeboarding.  Some other adrenaline lovers like tube rides.


Children like banana rides, because it is very safe and yet fast. You can let your children on the banana ride without any worries. Meanwhile, you can have coffee on the most beautiful beach in Orebic.


Orebic is waiting for you, and you are surely looking forward to water ski or wakeboarding in Orebic.


We have the equipment from renowned world manufacturers like Jobe, O'brien, Mesle, Liquid Force and CWB.





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